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November 28, 2005

The best games for Mac

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Posted by Sandy

Bookworm Deluxe game for Mac OS XIn my other life as a tech writer, I occasionally write video game reviews. The pre-Christmas flood of product began to arrive a few weeks ago, and I've been playing console games -- Xbox, PS2 and GameCube -- ever since.

Although we have an iMac and an iBook in the house, we have very few recent Mac games. Like many people with game consoles, I rarely think of my computer as a game machine (except when I'm playing Lux or Pax Galaxia or iPoker).

We have family coming for the holidays, and I need some ideas. Can you recommend some great games? (We have a pretty good collection of games for OS 9, but I'm trying to run a Classic-free Mac household these days.)

Categories of interest:
1. Simple arcade-type online games (e.g. GameHouse titles).
2. Inexpensive (or free) games for children under 12.
3. Puzzle games for adults (especially for women).

Post suggestions in the comments section or send e-mail to

I'd also like to hear from companies that make or sell games for Mac OS X. (Yes, I would be delighted to play and review your games, thanks! Contact me for shipping information.)

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1. BW on November 30, 2005 02:47 PM writes...

Sadly, if nothing blows up I don't play it, so can't be of much help here :P

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